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Garden Cities (Shire Library), Paperback, by Sarah Rutherford (Author)

The Garden City Movement provided a radical new model for the design and layout of housing at the turn of the nineteenth century and set standards for the twentieth century which were of international significance. The vision of the movement’s founder, Ebenezer Howard, drew on many strands of political and utopian thought, and initially aimed at addressing the problems of an increasingly urban and dysfunctional society along ‘the peaceful path to real reform’. It took only five years, from 1898 to 1903 for the idea to take root in the open fields of North Hertfordshire, when Earl Grey proclaimed...

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England’s Post-War Listed Buildings by Elain Harwood (Author), James O. Davies (Author)

England’s Post-War Listed Buildings is a comprehensive and stylish guide to over 500 of the country’s most striking, and historically relevant, architectural gems. Listed buildings range from traditional works by Raymond Erith and Donald McMorran and many of the ‘pop icons’ of the 1960s (including Centre Point), to internationally outstanding modern works like Stirling and Gowan’s Leicester Engineering Building and Foster Associates’ offices for Willis Faber Dumas in Ipswich. This fully updated and expanded edition from Elain Harwood, one of the foremost names in modern architecture writing, contains numerous new entries arranged in an accessible, regional structure, as well...

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California Mission Landscapes: Race, Memory, and the Politics of Heritage (Architecture, Landscape, and American Cu, by Elizabeth Kryder-Reid (Author)

Nothing defines California and our nation s heritage as significantly or emotionally, says the California Mission Foundation, as do the twenty-one missions that were founded along the coast from San Diego to Sonoma. Indeed, the missions collectively represent the state s most iconic tourist destinations and are touchstones for interpreting its history. Elementary school students today still make model missions evoking the romanticized versions of the 1930s. Does it occur to them or to the tourists that the missions have a dark history? California Mission Landscapes is an unprecedented and fascinating history of California mission landscapes from colonial outposts...

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