Author: Joseph Kelly

Baroque and modern dialogue in Croatia project

architect, nenad fabijanic, has completed the design of the ‘summer stage at kastav’ within the archaeological remains of a baroque church in crekvina, croatia. the project sees a corten steel volume inserted within the remains of an 18th century church, creating a bold contrast in material and form and forging a direct dialogue between the contemporary and historic architecture. in accordance with the design brief, the project is conceived by fabijanic as bi-functional: in summer as a stage for the cultural events of kastav and the rest of the year as a freely accessible square and observation point. the...

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In this journal I’ve always tended to focus on the positive achievements in historic architecture and restorations, as well as highlighting new innovations and initiatives within the cherished buildings sector. Occasionally, though, I’m drawn towards the less successful and less noteworthy, and I’m asked to give advice on how to best to save obscure and derelict buildings desperately in need of salvage and repair. Almost invariably rescue or preservation is a question of money, or the severe lack of it, but sometimes it’s also a lack of vision and bravery. It seems hard to imaging in this inquisitive and...

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Tiny house Movement has a rich heritage, BY JOSEPH KELLY, EDITOR

Way back in 1973, as I was working my lazy way through secondary school, my English teacher handed me a copy of a newly-published book that he thought might inspire my learning efforts. Inspire me it certainly did, though my schoolwork only suffered further as I embarked on a lifelong interest in micro-economics. Small is Beautiful – a Study of Economics as if People Mattered, by Enst Freiedrich Schumacher changed the thoughts and hopes of a generation, and is still widely regarded as one of the most influential books published since World War II. Schumacher’s scathing critique of Western...

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Wetland meditation hall highlights ‘spatial relationships’

The project is located in a residential community adjacent to a natural wetland in the suburb of Cangzhou in China. The design brief was to transform a series of retail spaces into a place to hold Zen meditation, yoga, and other related activities, providing the local resident with a tranquil retreat inside the community, responding to the image of the wetland landscape. However, a highway disconnects the natural wetland and the noisy commercial street where the out-to-be-quiet meditation space is situated. These mismatched spatial situations intrigued the architectural motive in the project. The original space of the single-storey shops...

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Donation boost for Tintagel heritage bridge

English Heritage has received a £2.5m donation from Julia and Hans Rausing towards the forthcoming footbridge at Tintagel Castle in Cornwall, the charity has announced. Opening in summer 2019, the new footbridge will help people to better understand the dramatic Cornish castle, improve access, and help to preserve and conserve Tintagel’s archaeology and ecology. The £2.5m gift is the largest single private donation ever received by English Heritage. Sir Tim Laurence, Chairman of English Heritage, said: “Thanks to Julia and Hans Rausing’s generosity, people will be better able to understand and enjoy Tintagel Castle. It is an inspiring gift...

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