crisa santos arquitetos has completed a memorial park for a cemetery in brazil. Located at jardim angela in southwest são paulo, ‘memorial parque das cerejeiras’ totals an area of 300,000 square meters, or 74 acres.

The project involved the landscaping of the site, as well as the design and construction of the park’s architectural structures.

The plaza is defined by curved steel plates that serve as a chronological metaphor for life.

“The objective of this project was to recreate a space of well-being and communion, combined with the need for a green area in the region,” explained crisa santos.

“We wanted it to be pleasant and contemplative, offering visitors solace during difficult times and forming a comforting relationship with the architecture and design objects.”

Memorial parque das cerejeiras comprises: a plaza defined by curved steel plates that serve as a chronological metaphor of life; a wooden observation deck oriented towards the adjacent reservoir and the sunsets beyond; an angular orchidarium with a vertical rainwater harvesting system; a timber chapel punctured with square windows; and public areas with a variety of benches, tables, and sculptures.

Even the entrance itself is filled with symbolism, with a parametric wooden structure that soars towards the heavens. visitors are free to enter and leave the site at all hours of the day. the cemetery has been designed to be as welcoming as possible, providing a range of environments where people can contemplate individually or congregate in groups.