How to select a Quinquennial Inspector 

Under the Care of Churches and Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction Measure 1991, all consecrated buildings of the Church of England must by law be inspected every five years by a registered architect or chartered building surveyor who is approved by the Diocesan Advisory Committee (DAC). Most other denominations and many secular organisations now adopt a similar approach.

Selecting a Quinquennial Inspector checklist:

  1. Experience in buildings conservation that corresponds with the complexity of your church building
  2. Demonstrable experience of work with listed buildings (if required)
  3. Understands the needs and vision of the parish
  4. Visit the church and members of the PCC or fabric sub-committee before appointment
  5. Invite 3 candidates to review
  6. Check the QI’s professional indemnity insurance (£250,000 per claim is a good minimum)
  7. Check the QI’s report format covers the repair of the building, maintenance, sustainability, safety of the structure, unsafe floors and access
  8. Check identified issues will be graded according to the urgency of the repair.

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