A Worcester based chartered land surveying practice will be celebrating its anniversary at one of the county’s Anglo Saxon Abbeys. CGD Ltd will be at Pershore Abbey on Thursday 5th October to celebrate its 18th anniversary in business.

Pershore Abbey holds a special place for the company; earlier this year it successfully completed a 4 month surveying project at the site. The project involved surveying and measuring every stone at the Abbey, using the latest 3D scanning technology; the final data is currently being processed to produce a 3D model which will be shared with the Abbey’s architect.

Neil Carey, Managing Director of CGD Ltd said: “Research undertaken last year found that four in ten companies don’t make it to five years in business.  We are therefore justifiably proud of our 18 successful years!  To commemorate the milestone we are inviting our clients to celebrate with us at a reception in Pershore Abbey next month.

“Following on from our surveying project at the Abbey, we are delighted that we can use the magnificent space to showcase our cutting edge surveys with our clients.”

Due to the density of measurements over a given area, the 3D laser scanner can survey building features in incredible detail.  Plans can include accurate measurements of intricate building features that were notoriously hard to survey using traditional equipment, for example, cornice and architrave details as well as the decorated interlocking tracery of a church’s windows.

The 3D laser scanner can capture a lot of data – providing helpful contextual information – very quickly, with the brief period of on-site activity meaning there is less disruption.  Laser scanners are now the go-to measurement tools for land surveyors, with professionals such as CGD Ltd using the technology to improve data collection and project outcomes.

Attendance is by invitation only; the event takes place from 3.30pm to 6.30pm and will include drinks and canapes and the chance to tour the Abbey and the bell tower with churchwarden Dr Judy Dale.

CGD Ltd has two distinct areas of expertise :

  • The provision of accurate, reliable measured survey information to architects, civil engineers and planners; in order to create buildings, designers require good quality survey information on which to develop their designs.  CGD is well equipped with the latest survey instruments and software to provide clients with an efficient, responsive and reliable surveying service;
  • An expert witness service for boundary disputes; CGD offers people access to the best possible advice, providing clients with an honest and professional boundary dispute service.  With land surveying and mapping experience CGD can resolve disputes professionally and provide an expert witness service.

The company also provides a range of other services including CAD and GIS services, land registry plan creation and 3D modelling using Revit software.

For further information please contact Neil Carey, Managing Director, CDG Ltd on 01905 24135.